A Captive Audience

  • The movie patron is relaxed and in a receptive mood while sitting in a darkened auditorium on comfortable seats focused on the screen watching an advertisement for your company.

The Silver Screen

  • Advertising on the silver screen lets you put the power and glamour of Hollywood's "larger than life" aura to work for you.
  • The motion picture industry spends $31 million promoting each movie to get consumers into the theatres. Let them help promote your business or service.

No Channel Surfing

  • In a theatre, there is no channel surfing. The audience cannot change the channel, turn the page or worse turn it off.
  • The audience is focused on the screen. There are no distractions like driving a car or getting up to go to the refrigerator.


  • Your professionally customized advertising message runs individually before each and every show, every day, every week.
  • The average movie patron is 34 years old, educated, affluent and attends 12 movies a year and has a household income of over $75,000.


  • "Advertising on screen at the Lyceum Theatres has kept our name in front of the community for over 12 years. We do it year in and year out because it works" - Greg Rakow, President, Fraleigh & Rakow Insurance, Rhinebeck, NY
  • "Doing it for three years and had numerous customers tell us they've seen our ad and new customers tell us they didn't know about East Park Pharmacy until they saw the ad at the movies"

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